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LIMA (LADIES IN MOVING ASSOCIATION) – invites you to be part of our activities.

Our main target is helping the families that are moving to settle down at a new place.

Dear Ladies, welcome to our website. We are sure you will find it useful for you.

You received a new assignment and you are getting ready for moving with your family to a new, unknown location? And you know nothing about it and have a lot of questions:

  • If the life there is comfortable and safe, is the climate healthy?
  • Is it possible to rent a good apartment or a house, how far it will be from the husband’s office and the kids’ school?
  • Is there an international school?
  • What you can buy in the shops there, what should you take with you?
We, ladies working in moving and relocation business understand your problems and cares more than anybody else.

We are ready to assist you with this new challenge, to help with a friend’s advice and professional consultation. Our site is free-of-charge for you.

Please post your questions and ladies movers from all countries and continents will revert to you with their piece of advice. You will receive the information from professionals that are as well know the traditions and customs of the country you are moving to, its living standards and  all other details that interest you.

Current discussions:


Hi! I’m moving to Brazil with my family (husband and a child that is 3 year-old). My son has asthma. I wonder if he can live in this climate or can it be dangerous for him?

Federica R.

My husband received work in Abijan (Ivory Coast). I doubt if we should move together with him. Is it safe, how about the American school or English International School? Is it possible to have a good quality apartment there?

Jenny E.

Hi, ladies! I’m moving to Paris. The office of my employer is at Boulevard Haussmann. Is it possible to have a good flat for a reasonable price in the same quarter? Is it considered  the center or it’s in the suburbs?

Adriana S.

 We are going to shift to Moscow by the end of the year. Should we take our bicycles with us? Our friend said that in Moscow there are no places for sport activities. How about the ski? Do you have any parks for cycling?

Marie K.

Dear ladies, please assist me if possible. We would like to ship our staff to Brunei but it seems there are no moving companies there(((( It will be a container. Maybe you know any good company there?

Lizzy M.

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